Time Well Spent


Wit and intelligence are high up on the list of things I cherish, along with friendship, passion and the killer B’s – Beer, Breasts and Blues. Anything from America’s ubiquitous pop culture offering insight and humanity into our present vale of fear and loathing should be nurtured and shared.

NBC’s stepchild dramedy, Studio 60 (written by Aaron Sorkin) failed to garner sufficient ratings… and has been cancelled. The writing, acting and production values were superb. At its best, it engaged our hearts and minds. And if it was ever somewhat less, it still stood head and shoulders over its competing time slots.

Sorkin will resurface with another show…and I for one will look forward to watching it. I respect his sense of our zeitgeist and his unique talent for depicting it on television. West Wing found sufficient viewers to survive for seven seasons, Sports Night only two…and apparently, Studio 60 just one.

You should give it a shot, if only for the episodes available on-line.


The link above will lead you to a one-man performance well worth your time. It’s called Robert Newman’s HISTORY OF OIL and is one of the most compelling performances I’ve seen in years. It is literate, funny, intelligent and provocative. Newman reminds me of Michael Palin (from Monty Python) and his gift for mimicry, his command of English and his mercurial multi-media presentation make viewing “History’ an unforgettable experience.

You should watch it…and if you do, you’ll be inclined to share it.