Black Holes


Engaged by the drama of this weeks economic meltdown, I’d completely forgotten about the Large Hadron Collider, which began operations on September 10th. Experts assured those concerned that they were pretty sure their experiments would only create “very small black holes”…and that those small black holes probably wouldn’t exist for very long…

Well, hell, I’ve played God on a television show and the world didn’t come to an end. Who am I to deny to others that singular opportunity? But today I discovered (in a short article hidden away in the LA Times interior) that it had been shut down almost immediately, after overheating. That information wasn’t disclosed for over a week. It’s fixed now 😉 and I imagine they’ll be cranking it back up shortly. Gee, I hope they’re right in their assessment of the consequences of its operation…and if not, any rude surprises will probably solve a lot of troubling questions about our future well-being.

I’m gonna shine on McCains economic analysis, “Our economy’s fundamentals are in good shape” (Jesus, John, what color is the sky in your universe?) and embrace the wisdom of the economic guru, John Maynard Keynes, “In the long run, we’re all dead.”

Yup, that resonates for me. I think I’ll take Sean Hannity’s advice and visit Ruths Chris for some good ol Republican-style red meat! Nummy! It’s a place where a baked potato costs more than dinner at Denny’s but when your dollars value is becoming more and more uncertain each day, why not enjoy what it can buy while you’re still around to buy it? That BMW M6 convertible is starting to make sense to me (what else says so eloquently, “I have entirely too much money”)? For those who’ve spent a lifetime making prudent decisions, it make sense to indulge yourself in the autumn of your life (or the shank of the evening ; )

So I say, let’s buoy the spirits of both the left and right, let’s go on a spending spree! Let’s lift this economy with some serious self indulgence! If they can do it (with our money) what the hell, I want to taste some of that high life…before those little black holes (a metaphor for our Treasury commitments?) transform me and us and everything left into some new reality that doesn’t recognize plastic or bottom lines or responsibility.

My goodness, I hope we’ve correctly interpreted the projections of the Mayan calendar; that their 5TH NIGHT ends on or about November 11th. Let’s see, that’s Veterans Day…and a week after the elections…Boy, this is getting interesting. I can’t wait for Day 6.

19 Sep ‘08


(This was actually written the night before Sarah Palin’s nomination. Talk about prescient word play ; )


Oh, boy. I’ve got that feeling in the pit of my belly I remember from years ago. That lurking dread each time I made my way past our perimeter wire, where really bad things happened on a daily basis. I just watched Tuesday nites coverage of Hillary’s speech to the Femocratic Convention. (That’s a Freudian typo but I’m gonna leave it ; )

I’ve been at times accused (actually busted – guilty as charged) of sexist thinking. I’m not proud of it and it’s a fault I’m working to correct. That being said, tonite I watched a post-speech reaction from a Clinton delegate. She was struggling to contain her emotions; clearly an articulate, thoughtful, mature woman of color. She expressed her regret that (in her estimation) the more able, more experienced, more Presidential candidate, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton would not be the Democratic choice for president in 2008.
This delegate was quite resolute in her unwillingness to vote for McCain but was not at all certain she could bring herself to vote for Obama…and said she might not vote at all.

(OK, here’s where I step in shit.) This woman’s reaction embodied the fundamental fear I (and others, men and women) have about any female person sitting in the office of Commander in Chief, leader of the most powerful nation in the modern world. This woman had worked earnestly in support of Hillary’s candidacy for many months. During that time she surely confronted the importance of electing a Democrat in 2008. I won’t offer a list of reasons; you’re either aware, Republican or brain-dead (and perhaps both ; )

Yet with all that’s at stake, this woman’s disappointment might persuade her to act against her own self interest – as a woman, as a Democrat, as a minority, as a middle-class American. What the fuck is up with that? What man could react in such a fashion? I’d like to take her seriously; she is a delegate…but what rational mind could come to such a conclusion?

For days I’ve been hearing pundits and analysts discuss the unhappiness of Hillary’s supporters. Poll suggest as many as 50% are undecided, about 25% will support Obama and about the same percentage will now vote for John McCain. Are you kidding me? Hey, I’ve been supporting Obama from the start, but I can promise you, had he somehow lost in this effort, I’d be disappointed, sure…but I’d have no problem getting behind Hillary as our candidate for President. The platforms and intentions of the parties are so distinctly different; to me it’s not even a question worthy of discussion.

How should I regard the uncertainty of all these people (women) who backed Hillary and now waver in their support of the Democratic ticket? Oh, oh…I feel my chauvinistic pig coming on…

HELLO. I’m speaking to the legions of whiny, hissy-fit, hormonal misanthropic Americans out there with vaginas. If your cuntish petulance results in a Democratic loss this November, you will set back women’s rights and the election of a woman for a generation. There, I’ve said it. The C word and all it entails. I mean, really! No soup for you, Tucker!

I hear the Republicans have sent Cindy McCain off to Georgia, God only knows why. (I hope she knows it’s not near Macon.) I’d thought racial issues were our biggest problem in ‘08. Can it be that we’ll continue to circle the drain because of gender politics?

If so, it serves us right for letting them vote. The fuck were we thinking?

26 August ‘08



It’s 4:30 PM on the West Coast September 19th, the markets have ended an historical week of trading which saw us (by most accounts) step back from the brink of a national economic collapse. Proposals have been made and steps taken to remedy this crisis. Next week, Congress will have to vote to ratify a bailout of unprecedented proportions.

Talking economic heads on various media are…chortling seems to accurately describe their enthusiasm; they seem about as euphoric as conservatives get, apart from genuflecting before the altar of St. Reagan. (Question: What is the sound of conservative laugher? Answer: Heh, heh, heh 😉 Of course, they modulate their joy with passing swipes at liberals and how they may connive to subvert this wondrous turn of events.

“By God, Pelosi and those liberals had better remain in Congress and pass this critical legislation before adjourning to run for office…”

“I feel as tho I have PTSD. Like I’ve been in a foxhole for a year” (this from Pulitzer-nominated writer, Charlie Gasperino, not a veteran.

Hannity was eager to blame all problems on the Left and maintain that McCain has FOR YEARS called for oversight, but had been thwarted since 2002. (Hmmm…which party in Congress was then the majority…?)

So in a week of turmoil in world financial markets, the week ends on a hopeful note, buoyed by the prospect of the American taxpayer co-signing the biggest blank check in history, written to re-liquidate our stock markets and bond markets and troubled equities, we find ourselves advised to spend the weekend re-examining our personal investment strategies and risk tolerance. (A cartoon caption on my bulletin board for years: “There, there, have a good cry. Then we’ll decide how best to invest what’s left of your money.)

OK, time for a disclaimer: I’ve been out-of-body twice (in Vietnam), I’ve seen UFO’s fly (Area 51) and I harbor very strong suspicions that the events of 9-11 are not as reported. Perhaps I’m not the most objective source to pose a troublesome question (or perhaps I am…

If your intention was to continue an on-going process of capital redistribution from the working classes to the elite, I’d call this a pretty good weeks work, wouldn’t you? Call me cynical but this ain’t my first rodeo. You do know who coined this phrase, yes?

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

19 Sep ‘08