Science exists to be questioned. Faith demands the suspension of doubt.

Does ‘faith’ discourage the rigorous examination of religion ?

Are science and religion competing theologies?

Or a duality?

Equally valid…

Equally compelling…

Equally SO.


Man, what a sport’s day! The Presidents Cup, wall-to-wall NFL and Baseball postseason. I do love me some post-season baseball and this year’s is off to a rousing start. Hey, straight up, I’m a Yankees fan. It’s the only sports team in which I’m emotionally invested.

The Hated Red Sox have tonite been vanquished (nay, swept) by the formidable Angels. Ah, the five-game series…In similar fashion, tonite my Yankees finished off a plucky, talented Twins team. I respect them both – Red Sox and Angels – and both play us tough. The ’09 Angels have hitting and pitching and defense and speed. At times this season, their line-up card included seven or more players, batting over .300.

But I’m feeling pretty good about my Yankees, nicely rounding into form. We have a big payroll, yes, indeed. Always have; we’re a big market team and the most valuable sporting franchise in the world. You don’t always get what you pay for but I think George is getting good bang for his buck, this season. Derek Jeter reminds me of Thurman Munson, both captains and the very heart of their teams. A-Rod is coming alive (and might go ballistic in the games ahead). Hip Hip Jorge, ’nuff said. Tex is arguably the AL MVP, for both his offense and defense. Robbie’s had a great year and Damon and Nick contribute every nite. Godthilla! That’s what I call Hideki. He is the essence of “a professional” and man is he a money player.

Not too much speed but in certain situations, we’ll take a base. Solid defense – fundamentally sound as well as skilled.

And we have pitching this year. Joba will contribute, however Girardi uses him (and we’ll work out his destiny after the dealin’s done.) CC is validating his contract and lead dog status, Burnett is a bulldog and I think he’s gonna win two more this season. Pettitte is approaching post season statistical history for wins (and I’ve forgiven him his sabbatical to Houston with Clemens;) Our bullpen is hard-throwing, seasoned and headed by the Chairman of the Board, regarding closers. Mariano Rivera.

So I like our chances. Much as I love my set up at home (this Hi-Def is hard to beat) I might just drive on down to Anaheim and catch a game. It’d be my first visit in quite a few years. I’ll bet there’s a lotta Yankee fans out here.


I was recently asked, “Have you ever forgotten something and then remembered it?” And I quickly told my story about Dan.

For more than 30 years, Dan did not exist – not in my universe, in my reality. Dan was an Army Sgt and alongside me on my final mission. Because he’d only joined my five-man team the night before, I’d barely begun to know him. The severity of my injuries caused Dan, along with a host of random memories, to simply vanish. It took my return to Vietnam in 2004 to generate that “ghost memory”, a nagging sense that someone named Dan was a part of that bloody Sunday. It took 6 months of fruitless detective work, requests for duty rosters and Day Reports that ended with a dream.

One night, I sat straight up in bed, roused from a vivid dream with this insight: Every man on that mission was dead or wounded, all foreign mercenaries, apart from me. But if any American had been with me, orders awarding my Purple Heart would list all other “round-eyes” WIA or KIA on that day, September 14, 1969. And when I finally requested and received the copy from Army Records and opened it, my hands shaking, I found his name directly beneath mine. Crafton, Daniel. SGT USA. Like opening a can of coffee (that “whoosh” of air, surging into its vacuum) images from that day were mine once more and I wandered thru this newly discovered room in my house of memories for some hours.

I’d been at 3rd Field Hospital in Saigon for three weeks before evacuation, yet never asked about nor was told about Dan’s condition, by anyone. No team member that visited me – and I recall that Bob and Sparks and Doc and T.U.Dai all came to visit at some point – none of them ever mentioned Dan.

So Dan ceased to exist…and then one day, 35 years later…he did. Sadly, my further efforts to contact him revealed that he had died in 1985.

Reality is subjective. We each create our own reality. With such plasticity, there truly are multiple universes, right here among us. There seems to be a great deal of agreement about many physical realities – such as gravity, time, distance, matter – but our theories regarding these absolutes continue to evolve…yet some people manage to transcend them or alter them or ignore them.

So reality is an agreement with your self about the way things are. If an absolute does exist (REALITY) it is something most of us orbit…and at times, our orbits become somewhat elliptical;) Others may be more successful in homesteading and maintaining their connectedness. They would be the adepts, the guides, the enlightened.

A worthy aspiration would seem to be to improve my relationship with REALITY….meds notwithstanding;)

July ‘09