Dresses in heels and skin-tight body-revealing costumes in public, including sci-fi gatherings and wrestling events.
Posts such photos proudly on her FB page.
Immediately snaps into a provocative pin-up pose for any camera or cell phone in her area code.
Clearly objectifies herself as a sexual presence.

Nothing wrong so far…

Writes and asks a FB stranger to “become his friend”
Is offended by his response and shows it to her husband.
By her silence, avoids any responsibility for the consequences.



Is married to a woman who enjoys public titillation.
Accompanies her during her public forays for attention.
Evidently supports and approves of her conduct.

Nothing wrong so far…

Responds PUBLICLY and indignantly about a private exchange between a stranger and his wife, invited by her.



Receives “a FB request for friendship” (at 2 AM;) from a strange woman whose posted photographs are sexually provocative…

Responds to her PRIVATELY with wordplay, likening her silver bodysuit to a Hershey’s Kiss foil wrapper…then confounds the metaphor with an M&M’s reference to “melting in the mouth or in the hand.”

Responds to her husbands publicly posted and indignant complaints with an apology.

I’m not now sure my apology was warranted…but I’ll await the court of public opinions decision.