Cialis ad. Rugged older guy, t-shirt, in his vintage muscle car. We’re told “He’s a can-do guy.” So does he adjust his carbs, change his oil, gap his plugs? Nope, he buys and adds bottled water to his radiator. The pussification of masculinity. God better help some when the grid go down;)

Can you start a fire…build a shelter…purify water? Get a book on basic (and I do mean BASIC) survival. It won’t take a cataclysm of Mayan proportions to bring us down. Any middling earthquake or disruption of food, oil supplies, breakdown of communication infrastructure is going to affect you as no tax increase or social legislation ever will. Just food for thought. In bad times, help will not be forthcoming. Try not to be a burden…aspire to be a helper.


I bought a new refrigerator last week. The new one was delivered yesterday. I’m recycling my old one, bought when I bought my home in 1994. As they moved my old one into the dining room, awaiting pickup on Friday, I was struck by the amount of cat fur trapped beneath the old fridge, revealed as it was pushed across the carpet. Black fur. The fur of Beau Hoa Binh. My guy. My Beau-ski…(probably an allusion to Ivan Boeski, an imprisoned trader, back in the ‘80’s.)

Beau and I became a family during the time that I was recovering from an eight year struggle with PTSD. As much as anything, bringing Beau into my life as a young Maine con kitten, a Black Smoke signaled to the Universe that I had decided to stick around for a bit.

At least throughout Beau’s lifetime. And an eventful lifetime it was. His name, Beau Hoa Binh, meant (in French and Vietnamese) Lover Of Peace. I was on the road to finding peace within my own heart for my memories of combat.

Beau and I traveled to LA and set up house at the Barham Oakwood. We lived there, eventfully and happily…until the Northridge Earthquake. That’s what that quake was called and remembered as…but in truth, its epicenter was in Reseda, where I’ve lived since June 1994. Beau was a handsome, vibrant alpha male. In 1989 NY, as a kitten, living in Battery Park City, across the street from the World Trade Center, we’d walk, Beau on a leash along the esplanade. Some summer nights, we’d come out to sit on the pier (I called it “The House of Blue Lights), foghorns sounding, out in the dark and I’d play blues…and Beau would patiently lay nearby.

I know that is the fur of my Beau. Tatyana, a lovely female Maine coon tabby who followed him, now also gone could never have left such dark remnants. So I imagine tomorrow, instead of vacuuming the hair up as the old fridge is taken away, I will collect some of it. Not sure what I’ll do with it. But years ago I held him in my arms and watched the light go out of his eyes. I miss him so. And I want something of him to keep.


Most that read this will have grown up in a democratic society; few will have an experiential understanding of life in a police state. For most, the opportunity to visit the historic sites of Egypt demanded only their time and money…and while visitors could not have possibly overlooked the poverty of the Egyptian people, poverty exists everywhere in the world. “There will be poor always, pathetically struggling…” (Jesus Christ Superstar)

History is something we think of as residing in books, having taken place before our time. Quite often, momentous events for those that lived thru them are simply life itself, left for others to assess its significance. Yet we are now witness to events, the importance of which is difficult to overstate. A repressive regime lasting generations has fallen, largely peacefully, simply because the people decided that enough was enough. Make no mistake, this was a revolution. It lasted only weeks but it was in the making for decades.

This is a heady, exultant, triumphant time for Egyptians and for the world. Freedom should be a human birthright…but such an unshackling brings challenges, dangers, and opportunities. The largest Arab nation is now in the process of establishing democratic rule. Many others in the region are nervous, for differing reasons. Alliances, understandings, expectations are all in flux, the reality is quite fluid. Neighboring despots are weighing their options. Israel is understandably on alert…but then, Israel is always on alert. Israel needs to be on alert. Israel is surrounded by nations committed to destroying them.

Yet, I’ve posted in recent past about our living in a time of Transformation…and this event of Egyptian revolution simply affirms that view. “Time” is speeding up, much more lies ahead. At at some point, you’ll stop questioning whether this is so, simply because there will be too much evidence for even you to deny;)

So. Yeah, it will. The Revolution WILL be televised…at least so long as the cyber apparatus continues to function

PS. There have been two gas line explosions in the past 24 hours. In Pennsylvania and Ohio. Is our crust in that region, for whatever reasons, stretching? Bowing? Let’s see…

11 Feb 2011