Several months ago, during a meditative session I enjoyed an singular connection. I was suddenly linked to ALL THAT IS. Call it Cosmic Consciousness, call it whatever you choose. It was overwhelming and absolute; momentarily disorienting, then remembered. I was a Part of a Whole and that realization was ecstatic. My awareness encompassed 360 degrees rather than front and back, left and right, up and down. Every particle of me could “See”….and the view was inspiring.

This was not a dream or a vision. It was a state of being. I was aware of infinite strands, perhaps not physical, connecting me to every Other…and to their thoughts. You’d imagine that would be cacophonous, maddening. Yet it was harmonic. Somehow normal. It was the antithesis of loneliness. And it was inexpressibly comforting.


I get a kick out of whatever it is that captures the attention of our culture; it tells us a great deal about ourselves. This is music. It’s not remarkable, it’s not terrible… it’s mediocre. Its also supposed to be ironic…or so I’m told;) And I rarely get irony. Perhaps it’s a reflection of the democratization of culture. Today, ANYONE can do ‘art’. Technology replaces years of practice in your garage and suddenly, instead of dazzling us with your musical virtuosity, we are transfixed with the thought, “Gee, I coulda done that!” And you probably could have;)