Stevie was Tiger’s loyal vassal during their march into legend, toting his shield and sword and mace and shit… thereby receiving great acclaim and historic prominence. Yes, SW had formerly served under both Raymondo and The Great White Shark, notable prior champions…but Tiger and their shared success brought Stevie into cultural relevance.

Stevie became Tiger’s nigger. Tiger the dog; Stevie the tail.

Some untoward shit went down between these two egos, during and after Tigers MISHEGOS,…plus injuries, swing changes, etc…

Then comes from Camp Tiger, THE DECISION: “Thou shalt no longer bear my weapons into battle.” (Stevie, we’re done.)

Stevie, now schlepping a landsmans bag , fellow Aussie Adam Scott (he of the photogenic swing…) His man won today.

Calloo Callee! …for Adam, yes?

Not exactly. Adam’s win at Bridgestone provided the platform for Stevie to trump Tigers termination dis: “This is my greatest win! Ever!”

Really? Stevie? No shit? This couldn’t hardly be your biggest or most prestigious, or even most unlikely success, so….what? Are you that hurt, so bruised by your golf-divorce that you needed to lash out, even in triumph?

You may no longer be Tiger’s nigger…but you actin’ like his bitch.