Tonite President Obama spoke persuasively about the need for meaningful gun control in America…even as a man driven mad named Christopher Dorner reached the end of his movie.

When events and actions reach such a fever pitch, reality is long past; only someone deluded by bitterness, betrayal and pride could act out the plot he wrote for himself.

So what is left? What if anything has been learned from his saga of terror? I think that there are several threads here.

Christopher Dorner believed that he was wronged by the LAPD…and that betrayal led to a series of setbacks in his life…and that his life had lost its value. Perhaps in the fullness of time, we will discover what truth there was in his story.

The families of the people he murdered and injured in his tantrum will be forever scarred, none of them responsible for his perceived injustices. That alone will define Christopher Dorner as a man. For all his protestations of victimhood, in the end he became the bully he despised. Lacking humanity, in the end, he was just smoked meat.