So why do I so value LONESOME DOVE? I challenge myself to respond to that. This is live…you are here with me.. Visually, the scope, the art direction, cinematography. They displayed expansive images of the American plains as it once might have looked….but they filmed in 1988. So hats off to that work.

Their values, not to be compromised, fundamental to them. I gave my word. I made a promise to my friend. There is an elegant simplicity in that. Honor among men includes standards of conduct. Integrity.
(This is also why I so admire The Pledge.)

These were tough men in tough times. Tenderness was a rare commodity. The times were unacceptable of men expressing emotion…so the economy and discipline from Tommy Lee, from DuVal was that much more powerful. Cause you knew the cost, you knew the stakes. Their having to mask such powerful emotions and that struggle makes each such moment even more affecting. Watch where they go when the feelings and memories overtake them. Watch their eyes, watch their mouth, their lips and teeth. Its all there. It is emotionally authentic.

The enduring relationships of men; at war, at work, in concert…a team of sorts. Gus and Woodrow retained relationships with fellow soldiers…like Deets. That shared history, that camaraderie is very compelling to me. Seeing those connections play out as they set out to make history…yeah, I enjoy that kind of work.

Complicated, conflicted relationships between a man and women, encompassing many years. THAT kind of history has power, I am invested.

The machismo. It’s there but its so underplayed. Gus and Woodrow kick ass and take names. They are Rangers…and they fucking act like it. But their battles are always blunt, brief, matter of fact. Its just business. We don’t put up with some kinds of shit.  Posturing is mocked, direct righteous action is approved. And their directness, their…commitment to resolution is captivating. Goddamn right, that’s how we all want to roll.

That’s a good start.


Tucker Smallwood
about an hour ago
A six woman jury of George Zimmerman’s peers found him not guilty.

That makes seven Floridians that don’t believe anything illegal, improper or untoward happened a year ago.

Lessons Learned.

1. Stay the fuck away from Florida.
2. When bashing someones head into concrete, apply yourself. Once or twice, with truly bad intentions should be sufficient.
3. If you are fighting for your life, don’t be nice. Fight to kill. Let God sort it out.
4. Better to be judged by six than carried by six…except in Florida.
5. Nothing can undo or make right such a wrongful death. Don’t riot. Don’t become another victim. Don’t expect your life to have value in America if you are black, male and poor. There is a world elsewhere.
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Jill Shaw I’m sick about the whole thing. I changed my profile photo to one with my sons.The youngest(seated beside me) is 17. My heart breaks for Trayvon’s family.For all of us really.
about an hour ago • Like • 1

Jaimes Palacio A-men.
about an hour ago • Like

Rahadyan Timoteo Sastrowardoyo Agreed
about an hour ago • Like

Stosh Machek Well said, sir…
about an hour ago via mobile • Like

William Lewis Salyers I don’t know how you do it. I don’t know how any black American has ever done it. I wouldn’t have the steel.
about an hour ago • Like

Jane Consolo Thankfully, with the election of President Obama, racism no longer exists in this country.t
about an hour ago via mobile • Like • 2

Kim Stovall That was dead on, Tucker.
52 minutes ago • Like • 1

No. George did not want a cop uniform or a cop car or a cop light…just a cop gun.

If he’d HAD a cop uniform with a cop car with a cop light…MAYBE he wouldn’t have appeared to be a creepy ass cracker…but rather someone authorized to surveil the property.
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Rahadyan Timoteo Sastrowardoyo GZ is an extremely serious cautionary tale about wannabes (and I have been one of those at times in my life)
Yesterday at 8:01am • Edited • Like

Tucker Smallwood “I DON’T WANT NO STINKING BADGES !!! Or a YELLOW light? Christ, you want me to look like some fucking punk-ass rent-a-cop? OK, maybe I could design some kind of uniform…something Goerring would rock. One of those fascist-looking cop hats with the tight saddle block like Noriega used to sport…yeah…and maybe some leather, I dunno… Boots! I look slim in khaki. Hmm, a brown shirt…Yeah, that’s the ticket

“You can run a mile in four minutes, if you’re in decent shape.” Seriously?

I guess… It seems…whatever…anyway…let’s decide what probably happened…

This is scary.

Tucker Smallwood
Last nite as I watched the pundits discuss the state closing argument, the camera would cut to this man in the gallery. And I kept wondering, “Who is this guy? Why does the camera keep cutting to him? And why is he making these faces?” Exaggerated expressions of contempt, derision, scoffing. I now know him to be the father of the accused.

I guess that is his way of showing support for his son. I wonder how his pantomime is playing with the jury.
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Mani Suri Even in chess, the best players try to psych out their opponents, using emotions when they see fit to use them for intimidation. It’s part of human nature to use every advantage possible. Courtroom dramas are frought with emotion.
Yesterday at 8:19am via mobile • Like

William Lewis Salyers I have been trying not to say this, but speaking from my OWN emotions: if Zimmerman gets completely off, and I were Trayvon’s father, I’d want to engineer a “stand your ground” incident of my own.
Yesterday at 8:20am • Like

Tucker Smallwood Keep trying Bill…We are either a nation of laws or a nation of vigilante justice.
Yesterday at 10:01am • Like • 1

Victoria Doyle Florida law has created “innocent killers” as an extension of “self-defense”.

I’ve had this lingering question throughout the trial. There have been lots of “what if’s” offered, both by prosecution and defense.

The only “what if” I have yet to hear posed is, “George, did you ever consider giving up? Saying, “I quit. I’m sorry. I surrender” ? Literally throwing yourself on the mercy of -not the court – but on the mercy of Trayvon Martin?

Hoping he had enough humanity and decency to disengage…allow you to explain yourself, justify your actions, cut your losses. I’m sure that option would have occurred to you…if you hadn’t been in possession of an unlocked, loaded 9mm.

So is it fair to suggest that you chose – you actually CHOSE – to kill this kid, rather than ask him to stop pounding you? Surrendering would have been embarrassing to you. I can understand that. Such a choice would have required incredible courage on your part. Faith in the decency of others. Respect for the sanctity of life. Acknowledgment that you had gone too far.

You’ll have to live with the consequences of your actions – maybe in jail for awhile – maybe back out on the street. But you know what you did…and no court will judge you as mercilessly as you will judge yourself, for all the days of your life.

We can’t ever know who Trayvon might have turned out to be as a man. But we Know who you are. I hope you dedicate the rest of your life towards making amends for your deficiency of character on that fateful night.
on Thursday
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Arthur Gerard Insana Quite well said!
Thursday at 9:30pm • Like

Jane Consolo Exactly. Exactly. Exactly.
Thursday at 9:45pm via mobile • Like

France Pelis YES! On point Tucker!
Thursday at 9:49pm via mobile • Like

Richelieu Richardson II Great point.
Thursday at 10:05pm via mobile • Like

Hugh Tiny Hogg You need a concience to judge yourself, Boss….not gonna happen here…
Thursday at 10:56pm via mobile • Like • 2

Ron Bottitta Right. On.
Thursday at 11:30pm via mobile • Like

Lyle Skosey Well, repeatedly squealing for help for an extended period of time could be considered begging, yeah?
Yesterday at 12:15pm • Like

Richelieu Richardson II @lyle Yes, Travon was begging…
Yesterday at 12:19pm via mobile • Like

Tucker Smallwood Jesus Lyle you do push my fucking buttons. Why are you so invested in being a contrary asshat?
Yesterday at 12:46pm • Edited • Like • 2

Hugh Tiny Hogg Seriously, Boss…there will be no JUSTICE here…correct? Or am I just an ignorant Scotsman???
Yesterday at 1:02pm via mobile • Like

Charylene Simpson McCain What has been bugging me all this time is #1 WTH was he doing carrying a gun for “Neighborhood Watch?” He was supposed to watch and report, not shoot! #2 He shot a KID wtf! Why didn’t he just carry a baseball bat if he was that scared or stay home??? I just don’t get it.
Yesterday at 1:03pm • Like

Richelieu Richardson II Tucker Smallwood. I’ll tell you why Lyle and others like him can hold the positions that they do. This is a realty to me and a hypothetical to them. I have 3 Trayvon’s that sleep across the hall from me. One of my Trayvon’s walks to the doughnut shop around the corner and cuts across the tennis court and then the neighbors backyard to get home. He’s been doing it since he was 13. Zimmerman “never”, “ever”, would have stopped a blond haired, blue eye Justin Beiber walking down the street. That kid would’ve “belonged” in the neighborhood. So, for the Lyle’s of the world this is merely reality tv at its best. Their kids are kids. My kids are suspects. For me it signifies that at first glance, my 3 well-off, upper-middle class, private school boys are merely “fucking punks, that always get away…”
Yesterday at 1:14pm via mobile • Unlike • 3

Tucker Smallwood RR, very well stated. Tiny, we will know in the fullness of time. Justice is a fluid and relative entity. I will be stunned if this jury can find unanimity.
Yesterday at 1:18pm • Like • 1

Hugh Tiny Hogg Thank you, sir.
Yesterday at 1:22pm via mobile • Like

Tucker Smallwood WOW….Just 24 hours. Unanimity achieved. Teach your children well….But I can’t being to imagine just what it is that you should teach them, what the lessons are that will help them to survive in this arena. Love them, cherish them, hug them…and pray for them.
23 minutes ago • Like
Tucker Smallwood
I just had a thought and wonder how (if at all) it would affect our perceptions about the Trayvon Martin case.

Imagine that every bit of testimony you’ve heard, every expert witness, every iota of forensics remain the same…with one pivotal difference:

In the hoody on that dark nite is NOT Trayvon Martin. Instead it is an athletic, slender young woman of color. How do you imagine this would change our narrative? How would this affect this jury?
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Jane Consolo Everything else is the same? Wow… well, I don’t see the jury thinking much of a “self-defense” argument if a woman beat his ass for stalking her. Yeah, that would be a different scenario for the jury.
Wednesday at 6:51pm • Like • 4

Tracey Seace Hmm…shhhh…whooo….mmmm….sigh…. That is….ummmm……ard to wrap my head around.
Wednesday at 7:03pm via mobile • Like

Maree Abate-Sytsma That was very Matthew McConaughey of you Tucker…
Wednesday at 7:16pm • Unlike • 1

Kristian Sorensen Do you think there would have been a difference if Zimmerman was black and Trayvon was white?
Wednesday at 7:19pm via mobile • Like

Jane Consolo Kristian – how about sticking with the question Tucker asked?
Wednesday at 7:21pm • Unlike • 2

Jennifer C. DeSalle food for thought…
Wednesday at 7:22pm • Like

James Morrison Who knows about the jury since the verdict isn’t it but it wouldn’t have changed anything for Zimmerman: He would have profiled her, been the aggressor, she would’ve whooped him for being a punk, he would have shot her. Same same.
Wednesday at 7:26pm • Like

Tracey Seace I have been thinking. I do think it would have been the same. Somehow it would have been her fault. But maybe a woman might have averted things by going back to the well lit store, or telling him to stop following her or she’d call the cops. Maybe she’d be packing some mace.
Wednesday at 7:34pm via mobile • Like • 1

Brian Cebula • 2 mutual friends
Challenge for Florida..where we failed in Los Angeles years ago. An aquittal…..does not give licence to riot.
Wednesday at 7:35pm • Like

Kristen Cloke Morgan I thought the same thing! xx
Wednesday at 9:05pm via mobile • Unlike • 1

Tucker Smallwood Kristian, you seem to have no interest in furthering the discussion or contributing in a meaningful way. I’ve known you since S:AAB days. I’ve tried to give you latitude, as I offer to all that follow my posts. This not purely about politics. If you were amusing or insightful, I could justify your inclusion. I think you need to find a new sandbox. Happy Trails.
Wednesday at 10:13pm • Edited • Like • 2

Lyle Skosey How good is this women at MMA on a scale from 1-10
Wednesday at 10:22pm • Like • 1

Tucker Smallwood How good does she need to be? We have already stipulated that Zimmerman is a punk – at 200 or 300 pounds.
Wednesday at 10:24pm • Like • 2

Tracey Seace The more I think about it, I think if he had come up against one of the not so slender women of color, the story would have been interesting. First of all she would have been majorly teed off about having to walk in the mist to go get her skittles fix…See More
Thursday at 4:58am via mobile • Unlike • 1

Sandra Fargas Hmmmmm,,,what if the hoody was worn by a young white girl who Zimmerman couldn’t see til u close…..then what?
Thursday at 4:37pm • Like

Tucker Smallwood Sandy, I’m changing ONE thing…the gender of the victim. I think a woman of any race would alter our perceptions and the dynamics of this trial.
Thursday at 5:47pm • Like

Tucker Smallwood
Can we simply stipulate that George Zimmerman was a punk. How much expert testimony do we need, to agree upon that?
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Maree Abate-Sytsma IS a punk
Wednesday at 8:10am • Like • 1

Elain Graham This is the face of a sociopath. There has never been one iota of remorse from this thing. I can’t stand to look him.
Wednesday at 8:16am • Like • 2

Tucker Smallwood He’s had a year to rationalize and self-justify. In his mind, I’m certain he feels justified. To admit responsibility would open the door to feeling emotional guilt.
Wednesday at 1:14pm • Edited • Like • 1

Hugh Tiny Hogg If it was Scotland…he would have fallen down the court steps and broke his neck…”Honest, Your Honour…he tripped….”
Wednesday at 8:33am via mobile • Like • 2

Raymond Winters • 6 mutual friends
I agree he is a punk, but Florida is going to set him free, mark my words.
Wednesday at 8:38am • Like

Elain Graham Tucker, he believed he was justified when he stalked and killed him. He said it was God’s will and he wouldn’t have done anything different.
Wednesday at 8:39am • Like

Hugh Tiny Hogg @Elain…believe that…DO YOU????
Wednesday at 8:46am via mobile • Like

James Morrison Punks are all in for punks. It’s the punk way: No remorse, no regret. Stand your ground.
Wednesday at 9:07am • Like • 2

Jennifer C. DeSalle yes, I can so stipulate Tucker, as long as we can also stipulate that the whole situation was avoidable by both parties..
Wednesday at 9:33am • Like

Tucker Smallwood Perhaps the best outcome would be a mistrial. That would allow the state to correct its many tactical errors and miscalculations. Jennifer, I used ‘punk’ to refer to the incessant testimony about his lack of athleticism and fitness. I really don’t see how Trayvon might have avoided this, once he turned up on Zimmermans radar…unless it was possible for him to gain access to his fathers home, thereby avoiding confrontation. I’m not certain that was so.
Wednesday at 9:56am • Edited • Like • 3

Hugh Tiny Hogg This whole ‘trial’ sucks….
Wednesday at 10:01am via mobile • Like • 1

Jennifer C. DeSalle Tucker: I agree and concour
Wednesday at 10:21am • Like

Christopher Hill • Friends with James Morrison
Thank you. The best way to put it, Tucker.
Wednesday at 10:22am • Like

James Morrison The real tragedy, next to Trayvon Martin’s needless death at the hands of a racist Neighborhood Watch wacko with an itchy trigger finger, is the prevailing mentality that he was to blame for his own demise because he wouldn’t take any shit from a drug-addled vigilante who got in his face for being black. Fucking insane.
Wednesday at 10:48am • Like • 3

Jennifer C. DeSalle James: this is why I continue to say it’s lose/lose no matter what happens..
Wednesday at 10:57am • Like • 1

Patrick Duffy • 2 mutual friends
Not that money can bring him back but I wonder if the Martin’s will pursue a civil case at the conclusion of the trial no matter the outcome. (which I feel has been given to the defense by a bumbling prosecution.)
I too, feel it was a completely needless death. Had Zimmerman followed this dispatch officer’s orders, Trevon would still be alive.
Wednesday at 10:59am • Like

Craig Hormes • Friends with Jennifer C. DeSalle
There hasn’t been any evidence that Zimmerman was on drugs, besides a news report. It hasn’t been mentioned in court. The same could be said about Martin’s apparently racist and violent text messages that are being kept out of the court. Zimmerman isn’t the racist here. Jantel made it clear Martin was, though.
Wednesday at 11:29am • Like

Tucker Smallwood I feel confident that there will be a civil suit, regardless of this trials outcome. Craig, *evidence* regarding Zimmermans medications has not been introduced. *Racism* is a concept with considerable latitude. Zimmerman “typed” Trayvon; in his mind, Trayvon was a criminal. Whether that appraisal is based on race or dress or attitude, I can’t say…but he clearly did not give Trayvon the benefit of the doubt he’d have likely extended to a white teen. Racism is a red herring here, tho an explosive one. Trayvon Martin died because he encountered an untrained, overzealous, armed civilian, pursued against the guidance of authority and common sense. Murder 2, highly unlikely. Murder 3, without question. But we’ll see
Wednesday at 1:13pm • Edited • Like • 2

Craig Hormes • Friends with Jennifer C. DeSalle
I’ll agree with you sir that this will likely result in a civil suit. If Zimmerman lives that long. As his attorney said, even if he’s acquitted of these charges his life is in danger. I really don’t see him walking though.
Wednesday at 1:10pm • Like

James Morrison According to the paramedic’s incident report Zimmerman was on a prescription for Tamazepam. Records have been introduced. Reasonable doubt aside – which is all the defense needs – if you shoot an unarmed person after having been ordered to stand down, you are the aggressor. If you are getting your clock cleaned by that unarmed person after having been ordered to stand down because you didn’t stand down, you have decided to use your gun in self-defense. What’s that called again?
Wednesday at 1:42pm • Unlike • 4

Hugh Tiny Hogg Murder…pure and simple…
Wednesday at 1:53pm via mobile • Like • 1

Tucker Smallwood And that, boys and girls, illustrates the difference between emotional justice… and legal justice.
Wednesday at 3:01pm • Edited • Like

Jessica Danielle I wonder if the state would even try to correct its errors if a mistrial. they don’t seem to care very much. this trial has had me in tears almost every day.
Wednesday at 4:19pm • Like

Nancy Giles I’m with you. Punk seems about right. And wannabe security guard. The minute the police said “we don’t need you to follow him” and Zimmerman ignored them and got out of the car for a foot pursuit of a guy walking (?!?), it was the late Trayvon Martin who met all the criteria for the Stand Your Ground law. Imagine if the tables were turned. I rest my case.
Wednesday at 9:52pm via mobile • Unlike • 2

Steve Grater Zimmerman is a wanna be and got caught
Very insightful distinction made tonite by Chris Hayes.

There is an emotional truth in the ongoing Tryvon Martin trial.

And there is a legal truth.

A Duality. They co-exist.

Someone described this trial as lose-lose; neither outcome will bring peace.

Interesting…In a world that includes struggles for women’s self-authority and gay self-determination, seemingly more compelling concerns, we remain (many of us) drawn to this trial.

Because this trial is a surrogate for Mortal Combat between the Partisans. Much like our proxy war in Vietnam. China, the USSR and the USA didn’t really want to duke it out. That shit might be mortal, might be terminal. So we farmed out our hostilities on foreign soil…which we promptly poisoned, btw. But I digress….

So we want *justice*. Emotional justice…or legal justice?
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William Lewis Salyers I want the next bohunk, wannabe Avenger to think twice before he kills an unarmed kid. If that’s emotional, so be it; I think it’s tough to find the downside of it.
July 8 at 10:00pm • Like • 5

Tucker Smallwood Bill there was precious little thinking, once the battle was joined. From that point on, there were no good outcomes. This battle over “Who cried out?” Does it matter? The ballistics say Trayvon was on top when shot. He was winning. Sadly, he did NOT slam Zimmerman’s head onto the pavement. So he lost. All. So it goes.
July 8 at 10:49pm • Like • 2

Sandra Fargas Has either side asked Zimmerman what his procedure was in seeing a strange white person on the premises….did he actively pursue them like he did Tryvon? How did Zimmerman wear his gun? In a holster….was it easy to get to….was it left/right hand…See More
July 9 at 9:06am • Unlike • 1

Lyn Carceo Shouldn’t matter whether Treyvon was on top, hitting Zimmerman, or not. An armed stranger was following a teenage boy, confronting him. If a gun is shown, why wouldn’t anyone assume a threat and would defend themselves? Teyvon was defending himself from a man with a gun who basicly stalked him.
Wednesday at 6:49am • Like • 1

Tucker Smallwood shared a link via Ebony Jo-Ann.
July 8
OK. Let’s get it ALL out…

This would illuminate a LOT of his behavior.

Zimmerman on Drugs With Violent Side Effects When He Killed Trayvon [VIDEO]
While the mainstream media made sure to report with exclamations and gasps that marijuana was found in Trayvon Martin’s system on the night that he was killed, many outlets failed to also report th…

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Jennifer C. DeSalle Definately get this one out.. make it all known everything about both of them… if Zimmerman is a moron and deserves this then let’s all see why, and this is a good start
July 8 at 5:12pm • Like

John Heffley • Friends with Jennifer C. DeSalle
He was on a benzo – while they are used as psychiatric medications they are far less likely to cause violent behavior than the more common classes of SSRI and SSNRI are.
July 8 at 5:14pm • Like

Craig Hormes • Friends with Jennifer C. DeSalle
I’m all for getting both of their medical histories and personal records out in the trial. Are they doing the same thing for Martin, or is the judge still refusing to have that brought to the jury?
July 8 at 5:17pm • Like

John Heffley • Friends with Jennifer C. DeSalle
Thanks to Jen I am getting informed that this medication is not like most other benzo’s… but I do still strongly stand by the dangers of SSRI’s and SSNRI’s – bad bad medications and sorely over prescribed.
July 8 at 5:18pm • Like

Jim Westbrook • Friends with Ali Ries and 1 other
The problem is……he may try using the drugs as an excuse(ie: it was the side effects. they made me do it.”).
July 8 at 5:37pm • Like

Craig Hormes • Friends with Jennifer C. DeSalle
Not sure how much credit I can give MSNBC, after NBC itself already doctored Zimmerman’s phone call to make him sound racist.
July 8 at 6:56pm • Like

Tucker Smallwood
July 8
Jesus wept. Now under discussion, allowing expert testimony to Zimmerman suffering from PTSD (for having shot and killed someone) and for Martin suffering from “reefer madness”. We ALL know how often potheads exhibit overt hostility and superhuman strength.

Boy is the deck stacked against this kid receiving justice in this case.
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Jennifer C. DeSalle Zimmerman is suffering from PTSD? Nice that a real and difficult condition is now being used as a catch all when someone wants to get off on a crime..
July 8 at 2:13pm • Edited • Like

Jeff Wilber PTSD? Perpetual Turd Sucking Douchebag?
July 8 at 2:11pm • Like • 1

Tucker Smallwood No no, don’t misunderstand me. Zimmerman may very well be contending with PTSD; in fact, I’d be surprised if he weren’t. I’m just troubled that this likelihood may justify his many testimonial inconsistencies.
July 8 at 2:13pm • Like • 2

Maree Abate-Sytsma If this lying asshat gets a walk I have a feeling there will be riots and his ass will be in hiding like Casey Anthony..oh wait wasn’t that trial in Florida too?
July 8 at 2:18pm • Like • 1

Joseph C. Phillips SMDH!
July 8 at 2:46pm via mobile • Like

Jennifer C. DeSalle Maree: the problem in this trial is, neither party, Zimmerman or Martin were saints.. Both had things that they would rather not come out in to the open, in Martin’s case whenever they come up with something, it’s considered damaging, in Zimmermans, we just see him more and more like a liar.. it’s lose lose all around…. even if Zimmerman is convicted. Look at it this way.. if he walks, there will be cries that the jury was racist all around, if he is convicted there will also be cries of racism…. lose/lose.
July 8 at 2:55pm • Unlike • 1

Andrew del Valle • Friends with Jennifer C. DeSalle
It’s that they charged him with second degree murder. He is not guilty of that. Mistakes were made on both parts and it is tragic but Zimmerman is not guilty of murder. There will be riots because people want to make everything about race. It’s just bad judgment all around.
July 8 at 3:04pm • Like

Scott MacDonald It’s pathetic is what it is. I don’t care if he had tats and wore and hoody and smoked pot and had a grill and referred to people as the n-word– you don’t deserve to get shot for walking home from the 7-11 with Skittles and a drink. Zim was told NOT to pursue. He was NOT an official neighborhood watch guy- he had been turned down…ironically the standards for that volunteer gig are more stringent than gun laws. Zim has more criminal offenses than Trayvon…FYI…assault of a cop, and a woman. So- no you can’t be a wtch guy, but sure- here is a gun. Anyone claiming Trayvon ‘did’ something is reaching, pure and simple. Man with gun appraoches boy with skittles…if the race of each party was reversed this thing would already be over. It bullshit that this idiot Zimmerman has a prayer. If you chase a kid with a gun, you aren’t standing your ground- you are a reckless lunatic with a weapon. Trying to deny the racial element is silly– it is obviously racist.
July 8 at 3:36pm • Unlike • 4

Elon Ebanks Zimmerman is a cold blooded killer, and should not see daylight again.
July 8 at 3:51pm • Like

Tucker Smallwood And finally, what if Trayvon had succeeded in taking the gun and had shot and killed Zimmerman? He would then be alive…and probably facing life in prison.
July 8 at 4:25pm • Like • 1

Tucker Smallwood While the mainstream media made sure to report with exclamations and gasps that marijuana was found in Trayvon Martin‘s system on the night that he was killed, many outlets failed to also report that the level was well below what medical studies show cause “performance impairment.” The same can not be said for George Zimmerman. According to the paramedic report, the vigilante neighborhood watch captain was on the prescription drug Temazepam, reports MSNBC.com.
RELATED: NewsOne’s Trayvon Martin Coverage
Temazepam, also known as Restoril, is known to cause insomnia and anxiety, reports MSNBC. But there are more important side effects that were not mentioned.
Newsone exclusively reports:
According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the drug is also known to cause “aggressiveness” and “hallucinations,” among other problematic symptoms.
July 8 at 4:40pm • Like • 5

Jennifer C. DeSalle Scott: more than likely Zimmerman was racist, I have zero doubt in my mind of this. My comment was directed more at the media spin of it and public perception of the jury, they have the hardest job here, they have to take a look at all of this evidence. They don’t know all of the things we know about Zimmerman or Martin, nor are they allowed to hear the “pundits” talk nightly about the case, and see the media digging into the dark lives of each (if there are any) and have to make a decision based solely on what is presented to them in the courtroom, and if say Zimmerman’s police record had been deemed inadmissible for whatever reason (I honestly do not know if it’s been brought up yet so i’m just using it for example) they would not know that he assaulted a police officer or some woman, they would only know what was told to them, then they come out and get called all sorts of names for their decision, but how could they have known what we did… it’s still lose / lose. Personally I think Zimmerman belongs in the looneybin but. I’m not making those decisions..
July 8 at 5:00pm • Like

Stephen H. Groff A trial is a battle of impressions. If there was a God none of this would have happened. :(:(
July 8 at 5:08pm • Like

Richard Wesley The problem for me is the charge of Second Degree Murder. The burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt is a charge that is very hard to make stick, especially in a situation where there is no witness. On the other hand, Reckless Manslaughter or Crimin…See More
July 8 at 8:57pm • Like

Tucker Smallwood Murder 2 was always a bridge too far. That lesser charges will likely be considered, a manslaughter conviction (clearly justified) should mollify both camps. But that’s why they play the games…
July 8 at 10:57pm • Like • 1

Michael De Mouy What do you expect-it’s Fla.
July 9 at 1:07pm • Like • 1

Steve Grater I expect fair”legal” justice, no mater what state you care to list!! Too much to ask you say? Lets start by voting in the good ones, weed out the bad ones and see how the marbles roll.
July 9 at 11:34pm • Like • 1

Tucker Smallwood
July 8
I really think that Zimmerman got some very irresponsible guidance from his Air Marshal friend, Mark Osterman, who advised him to keep a round in the chamber and keep the safety off. That makes sense for Osterman on duty. Zimmerman was on the Neighborhood Watch. They didn’t call it the Neighborhood Tactical Response Team or the Neighborhood Armed Guardians. Their mission is To Watch.

Why on earth would anyone advise this gung ho wannabe to walk around in life with a loaded, unlocked weapon? I realize this is Florida but even so, that is insane! Why has no one yet pointed this out? Zimmerman was an accident waiting to happen…and a damned impatient one.

Secondly, if you get into a fight and you outweigh your opponent by 40 pounds and you’re getting your ass kicked…maybe you’re just supposed to get your ass kicked today.
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Lyle Skosey Uh,…Overruled?

I’m not an apologist for anyone. That would be a HUGE assumption to make.
I’m simply stating that I would put my trust in the US legal system before I’d put it in the mob mentality system.
One would have to have heard all the evidence to be able to come to a vote on the judgement and I’m pretty sure very few of us have heard ALL the evidence.
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Stephen H. Groff Truth be told the Prosecution is awful! :(:(
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Shepard Stacy Omg. Yes. The trail is odd. Lots of things should be brought up.
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Mo Hunter So funny…and so true Tucker, lol!



I am SO tired tonite. On Thursday the Salvation Army will accept my donation of a queen wooden bed frame that has been in my life for more than 40 years. At least five lives have been conceived on that bed; none destined to walk this earth.

Tonite I disassembled it for the final time. I took it apart and carried it down to my garage, piece by piece. It has a LOT of pieces. It has been my bed here in LA since 1991, at 395 South End Ave, NYC across from the Twin Towers for 8 years, at 444 Central Park West, Apt 12B for 5 years and in my Tribeca loft at 357 Greenwich Street for 5 years before that…where I actually WATCHED Battery Park City emerge on the landfill over the Hudson River.

Throughout most of our shared lives, My Bed supported a series of increasingly sophisticated water mattresses…baffles and channels and wave suppressors. Can’t tell you how many lovers complained about their difficulty in “gaining a purchase” on its bounding main. Most learned to ‘ride the wave’…they were keepers

If My Bed could talk, I would record its memories. My companion to countless couplings…primarily involving me. A few betrayals from my love…some involving other women. And my own vengeful conquests of those women. Yes, make up sex is good. Angry sex is pretty good too. Making love to a woman that your woman has chosen over you and making her come again and again…PRICELESS.

So, buh-bye Bed. Hoping your timbers resonate anew with the couplings of a new American generation.

You are a fertile MF…Pay It Forward ♥