Earlier this morning I saw CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, my first film in a month. Tom Hanks is reliably very fine…as was Barkhad Abdi. I appreciated the depiction of a commanders relationship to his charges, his subordinates, his crew. I think viewers GOT that investment, what being a commander entails in human terms.

Later tonite we had our final preview for THE SUNSET LIMITED. We open tomorrow nite. This is such a beautiful theatrical experience.

Those months I spent with Stella, dissecting text from past masters like Shaw, Tennessee Williams, O’Neill, Shakespeare, Odets, Ibsen…

STELLA! I wish we’d had the chance to discuss This Work. Together

THE SUNSET LIMITED is a singular piece of theatrical history. This production will be seen by a select few. None attending will ever forget that evening they engaged this muscular text.

Consider joining us during this run…if you appreciate just why LIVE theater has endured for so many centuries.

No more encouragement for you. I am fulfilled to be doing what I am now doing. This is hard work. This is what I was trained to do, meant to do, grateful still able to do. I am a VERY fortunate man! And best of all, I KNOW IT ♥