Unfortunate. A tragedy. Irresponsible. But it doesn’t qualify as gun violence, however violent the death of the instructor…so this Uzi incident will not move the chains. Even had this nine year old killed her instructor and then continued to spin our of control, killing Mom then Dad and maybe an innocent bystander, it still wouldn’t move the chains. Just a higher body count. I guess a bigger tragedy…but apparently not just cause to reexamine our cultural dysfunction with firearms.

In what universe does any such child need to fire an automatic weapon? This is no Sabra – she lives in New Jersey! Training? People trained on such weapons can disassemble them, clean them, reassemble them, know its rate of fire, range, muzzle velocity, ballistics… No, this was sport. This was about fun.

THAT is at the very heart of the matter. Children play with toys. Guns are not toys. A national mentality that regards automatic weapons as something to amuse us, to be played with, should expect more of the same. Automatic weapons exist for a single purpose; they are efficient at killing.

This should not be legal, it should not have been permitted. And that some state legislature decided to allow such foolishness, never made it a good idea.


Humanity is not evolving as quickly as is human progress.

By that I mean that our scientific evolution has surpassed our humanistic evolution.

We can do more today. We know more. And it would seem that trend will continue.

But human beings remain limited by our fears, prejudices and need to dominate.

I’m not clear just what circumstances might lead to Wider Consciousness.

But I am pretty sure, it ain’t gonna be any new shit we invent.

I could be wrong…but I think unthinkable adversity to survival might effect change.

Do you know what UNTHINKABLE entails?  Really?  I kinda fucking doubt it  😉

Could be climate. Could be pandemic. Could be aliens…

But I don’t think life on earth is gonna change for the better until humanities regard for Humanity undergoes a sea change. Hope I live to see this transition.



I’m just riffing here…but there was a time when only two Army units were authorized to wear a beret – Special Forces and Rangers. A beret was the international sign of a warrior. For a minute. There came a time when the Army authorized pretty much everybody to put a beret. Why the fuck not? Looks cool, right?

When I arrived in Vietnam, just about all of their forces wore berets, a veritable rainbow coalition of badassery. The beret bestowed esteem…or at least that was the thinking.  O, that a uniform decision would inform the tactical prowess of a unit. If only…

I watched two LA motorcycle cops cruise by on the boulevard today. They were erect (they wear special girdles), starched, gleaming black boots and smoked visors. Like a motorcycle bot. THE LOOK. Some futuristic sci-fi depiction of implacable justice.

Ours is a movie/TV reality. Our favorite archetype, The Warrior, is depicted daily, hourly, unceasingly. HE is absolute. Implacable. Who has the best costumes? Well, lately our military. So our domestic police adopt that look. Cammy? Fuck yes! It LOOKS serious. Automatic weapons? Well why the hell not?!

We shouldn’t be surprised our police wanted to get into warrior drag. They’re rehearsing martial law. Remember how those Nazis rocked black leather? That shit was nasty, right? You see how many women nowadays like to put on that shit and strut around and feel…decadent…and then want that shit peeled off? Yeah buddy

Police have left the reservation. They are their own universe. The mentality that allows groups of men, armed men, men licensed to carry and kill, to confront adversity and prove their mettle requires an adversary. Unless ISIS plans a near term invasion. I think our police are gonna practice on us.
They will be well costumed…and well equipped…and well armed.

But it all began with costumes. Understand what I’m sayin?