I studied in Munich and worked in German forests, as a woodcutter. I dined in the homes of villagers and rice farmers in the Mekong delta, people I helped to protect. I traveled throughout Greece and the Middle East and I climbed Mt Olympus when I was twelve.

I could speak with many of these people, in their language…I could think in Greek, then German and later Vietnamese…And eventually I came to play a universal kind of music. I played country blues. And everywhere in the world I’ve traveled, people really respond to The Blues.

I’ve played in Bucharest and Botswana, Munich, Lima, Saigon, Australia, Scotland, India, Amsterdam…I have yet to visit anywhere in the rest of the world that doesn’t like the blues. THEY perform it, they listen to it.

I’ve taken The Orient Express both East AND West. I’ve jumped out of a couple airplanes. I’ve been to Area 51. I confronted my own death…and was revived.

So for a great long while, it has been serious fun to be me…or around me.

And That’s The Way It Is on Saturday, November 7th 2015. Good night.han2


For USAA’s first campaigns, several years ago. I’ve been a member since OCS in ’68. After more than 100 nationals in the 70’s and 80’s, this was my first on air commercial in more than 20 years. Funny how life evolves.hero usaa

I’d refused to take the meeting, when I was called for it. “They’ll never accept me. My face is too well known.” Yet couple weeks later, they call again….and the appointment is nearby…and they want to see some photos. So I take my picture of Dai and me and go meet them. They book me. And they make lifts and they run and run…. You just never know…

To have lived a soldiers life…and 40 some years later, be handsomely rewarded for depicting A Veteran…Isn’t that irony? This veteran lives with PTSD. Probably few who saw this would ever have guessed that…Maybe that is irony. But this is what some of us look like today, men of my generation. Vietnam.

Wednesday, November 11, Veterans Day we’ll march somewhere, we’ll parade and we will celebrate and bear witness to the bonds of service; the importance of our shared interests and concerns.