I was speaking tonite of a friend who seems happy, which is a blessing…

He served as a Marine in Vietnam.

Many of our friends who survived have not fared as well.

We’re not all home yet.comfort.jpg.edit


So, irony…Africa had warm bodies, China had silk and the Middle East had oil. For generations, those fortunate nations that possessed seemingly endless supplies of petroleum made deals with the West, deprived their people of education, civil rights, freedom and squandered their assets on royal families, bigotry and fomenting strife between sects of Islam.

Millennials have grown up in the age of The Internet. To older folks, its a big deal, it’s a sea change. In a time of accelerating change, we may be witnessing the end stages of internal combustion and petroleum based power. Unless sand becomes of value, don’t you think it is ironic that the nations who could have best cared for their own and each other, managed to serve so few for so long? And that perhaps soon will have little or nothing to finance their armies and air forces and resorts and terrorism?

Their poorer neighbors have been treated as stepchildren for generations. Chickens will be coming home to roost. It’s a mad mad mad mad world….and its changing before our very eyes.