All men remember the first or perhaps only time they were in the presence of an 11. Yeah, just…off the charts…probably alien. But such women exist. And their path has been unimaginable for most of us. But the power of their beauty is game-changing.

There are men who enjoy a similar singularity. Whether it’s confidence or looks or personality…or a combination…or something entirely different, they got all the pussy they could handle. They were cocksmen. Bill Clinton was a cocksman.

Now you can also call him an adulterer or a horndog…but what he was, is a cocksman. If ever you were one such, you know who you are…and if not, you probably remember that guy who was.

There ARE different rules in life for some people. We all know that. We are either among them or aspiring to be among them…if truth be told 😉 But we live in such a hypocritical soap opera that manners and grace and style and taste have been largely discarded.

We have become The Rabble. And we know how this play ends.