I give thanks for friends that accept me as I am, nowdays.  Childlike, somewhat fragile, rather less capable but nonetheless, still desiring to participate. Life does not vamp, Life does not mark time.  As I engage my own life challenges, I remain willing to sally forth, swallowing my pride that I cannot entirely be who my friends have long known me to be.  Yet I am…such as I am.  Hard to say how Tucker will emerge from this chrysalis of surgical restoration. Can’t make any promises. Won’t write any checks I can’t cover.

Regardless, know that I am grateful for all generosity received, during this transition.


You didn’t mind that he was marginally articulate, that he struggled to express himself in complete sentences.

You didn’t mind that he was profane and tasteless, that he was a misogynist, a bully.

You didn’t mind that he was a willful, pathological liar, happy to dissemble and foment strife.

You didn’t mind that he was willfully uninformed, that he celebrated ignorance, his and that of others.

You didn’t mind that he was without scruples, integrity, decency.  His word means nothing.

You didn’t mind that he colluded with our enemies, that he dishonored our intelligence community.

You didn’t mind that he presided over the least accomplished congress in modern history.

So why are some suddenly concerned when he blurts out incendiary threats against N. Korea?

Can ANYTHING done during his presidency inspire your confidence in his leadership?

Like an ice shelf breaking away from the Antarctic, our republic is slowly separating from the granite on which it was established. Now set adrift, consigned to melt away in the seas of time.  All good things come to an end.  Self-governance is among the most challenging of political realities.  The oligarchs have the bit in their teeth and are galloping into the feudal realities we so enjoy watching in GOT.   God bless the child that’s got his own…