Driving tonite to Molly Malones, I listened to NPR describe possible House Speaker replacements for Ryan. Mentioned was Steve Scalise, an avid tRump supporter, and the announcer described him as “a hero”. My beef is not about his politics. He was gravely wounded while playing softball at the capital. That makes him a victim of a heinous act. But that is not “heroism”, folks. That word or concept has truly lost its singularity in recent years. Not everyone who’s served in the Armed Forces is by definition, a hero, OK? Patriot? Fine.

Some of us have met authentic heroes, some of us have served with them. It’s not about just showing up. It’s about making a split second decision that is selfless. And particularly when that decision includes awareness of the likelihood or certainty of ones own death.

Don’t diminish, don’t ever cheapen this concept. Real heroes exist among us…some never even properly recognized for their actions. Heroism represents the highest form of Service to Others.