I turned over a rock tonite…as you might imagine, I wasn’t much taken with the view.

Most of us now dither about the dysfunction in our government. A lot of small minded politicians, lacking in both spine and substance are our elected officials.

58% of Americans participated in 2016 by voting, is that right? And half of them – if that – have managed to install majorities in both the House and Senate. It’s hard to quantify buyer’s remorse…but to this day, a lot of them seem determined to go down with the ship. “Nothing to see here, we’re just taking on a little ice for cocktails… ”

I pray for vigilant stalwart citizens who will bear witness. Not for personal aggrandizement but for the good of the nation…for the continuance of our democracy. I see a lot of my friends on Facebook, energized and posting and exhorting and downright engaged. Respect.

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