I’ve lived in my home here since 1994, shortly after the quake. I have abundant room and I am unashamedly sentimental. I’ve begun a process that faces us all, making things easier for those we leave behind.

Today I threw out 150 pounds of scripts, a small forest. I kept a few; meaningful films, memorable plays and those from S:AAB and Trek, which I plan to auction off for my favorite charity, I’m tired, having just relived about 40 years of life.

Discoveries included a handwritten letter from my grandmother, a love note from Stella, a paper trail of searches for military decorations promised and forgotten, my script from PLATOON – didn’t know about that one, did you? ¬†and a treasure trove of love letters I’d assumed had been destroyed and tossed by a jealous fiance, decades ago.

Many of those women are now stardust, once more. But I do know, even apart from such mementos that I have been valued and desired in my life. If I am now alone, it is of my choosing, for I have been fortunate beyond description…who was loved and one that loved not wisely but too well.

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