The fragile calculus of engaging our reality; to what degree is it survivable?  Cell phones may adversely affect our health.  Do you really trust, in today’s regulatory climate, that we’d be informed IF THEY DID?  That I can legitimately question our faith in the EPA, perhaps even the CDC, suggests the magnitude of our peril.

We once trusted the EPA.  Foolishly perhaps…but many of us did.  After Flint and dozens of less celebrated disasters, we know our confidence in such safeguards was misplaced…and now being emasculated; by legislation, court rulings and pernicious agency heads.

Mark Antony tells us that “…the evil that men do, lives after them.”  Perfectly describing the tRump judicial appointments, many of them lifetime.  ATLANTA co-title: “Robbin’ Season”.  This administration is pure “smash and grab”.  Mueller’s reckoning is coming…but ours are cheap street thugs.  Mercifully, their avarice exceeds their capacity for prudence.  They left paper and slime trails, like the slugs they are.  Always be grateful for truly inept and stupid thieves.  😉

Caveat emptor.  And we should!   Because we know human life is no longer valued as much as corporate profits.  Not in the world at large…and unhappily not in America, as well.  Probably it never was…such was always an illusion…but a dream fundamental to the American brand.

Goddamn, I don’t like being treated like a vassal.  Particularly not by those I do not acknowledge as my superiors. Is ours a “Lick ‘em or Join ‘em”  duality?  Are these the only two choices left to us?  If so, I imagine I could somehow inveigle my way into their good graces…but I respect the words of Mance. (GOT)

“We do not kneel.”

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