I found a dozen things to do to avoid reflecting on today’s school shooting.  Listened to the unremarkable, almost trite reactions from survivors today…I mean, do we judge them by their immediacy…or their dispassion?  Network chooses the interviews.

Andy Warhol:  15 minutes.  And so it has come to pass…

Their accounts are authentic…but informed by past survivor interviews.  Sometimes, someone must just break out of the ‘party line’.  Just shriek how very wretched and heartbreaking their passage on this day, truly was.

Maybe we don’t ever get to see that footage(doesn’t fit ‘our’ narrative)

Maybe that doesn’t even happen, anymore.  Maybe somehow school shootings have become like tornadoes.

Don’t like them either…but what can we do?


Flags at half-mast?  You cynical swine.  You’ve made a political decision; that the economic, political support of the NRA is more important to you than the collateral damage of life and education to our children.

Thanks for being so fucking shameless about it.

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