So, Comey…An enigmatic figure of political history.  Uncommonly tall, 6’ 8”… tho no mention of athletic prowess.  Eclectic interests in religion and ethics.  An accomplished career as a prosecutor and public servant; highly regarded by the vast majority of his colleagues.

Zero personal scandal, he seems to me a man very much invested in and aware of public regard for his conduct.  He strikes me as a “boy scout”, following a personal code of honor and his personal perception of integrity.

I have mixed feelings about his ultimate historical standing.  There is just something too lofty about his persona.  It seems effete and holier than thou…which does not suggest I question any of his accusations; simply the style of their presentation.

When you desire to be regarded as “a good guy” yet you sink to the base level of your adversary when discussing him, that in my estimation, lacks grace and style.  He just seems to be trying a bit too hard to pull off his white knight legacy.  IMHO.

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