I’m somewhat bemused by my reactions to a few new shows this season.  I’ve always been “ good audience”  Give me a premise  I can buy into, a reality I can enjoy revisiting and I’m yours. Sometimes it can become TOO real for me…and I have to step away….just can’t go there anymore. Like OZ.

But I’m becoming more and more upset of late. Perhaps its my age, perhaps its the progression of television’s reflections of present societal reality (I’m not a big fan of that, either!) but GOOD GIRLS upsets the hell out of me. I fear for two of the three leads, Rhetta and Christina. I don’t worry as much about Mae; I really don’t like her very much…meaning her character. 😉 These women are involved in hard core crime…and if they go down, I assume they will go down hard.

Similarly, ROSANNE. Its an interesting revisiting of past pop culture and the cast has past resonance and contemporary relevance…but watching them steal as they shopped is really hard for me to ignore and laugh about. I have a reaction, which is a plus for an audience…but my reaction is negative, I cringe A LOT. And I have to ask myself, WTF is up with that, Tucker? Its a given that good drama requires conflict and danger and stakes, etc. I KNOW that…so why am I struggling so much to embrace the realities of these two shows…and probably a few more?

Anyone else, similarly conflicted?


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