Trumplestiltskin has a new butt buddy, Duterte of the Philippines. His latest effort to distract and change the subject about Stormy and his chaotic Oval Office is to suggest that we fight the “opioid crisis” by executing the drug dealers. Seriously?

He might wanna start with licensed medical professionals, the ones overprescribing and even selling script for painkillers to middlemen. That’s right, pushers have medical degrees nowadays. As for drugs purchased on the street, try to find me ANY user unaware that they’re buying and using a questionable, dangerous product. No one knows what’s in it, what the strength is, what it’s cut with…all a guaranteed formula for overdosing and khacking. (That’s an old school term for dying stupidly.)

On the one hand, hard core drug users are a wasting asset; it’s just a question of time. Problem solved, right? But most of them appear to be otherwise valuable white people, so now it’s a national crisis? Nigga, please! Nancy Reagan got it right, this is not quantum physics. Some folks like to drive fast, enjoy dangerous outdoor sports, fly around in tourist helicopters…others prefer to get very very high…and occasionally forget how to breathe.

Lotta Darwin candidates out there, folks. Let em go. You can pull on a string…but you can’t push one. I have no illusions about my future. At some point my bad habits will cause my demise. Those that cared for me might miss me…but no one will feel, “Gee, how unfair! All

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