We have an expression in the military: Conduct unbecoming an officer.

I believe that I have just witnessed temperament unbecoming a judge. Unbefitting someone required to exhibit and maintain objectivity as a fundamental job requirement.

Man. The proliferation of evidence just…oozing into our consciousness about the person Brett Kavanaugh WAS as a teenager, college student, political activist and jurist…is confronting. Terms such as “dick” and “douchebag” do come to mind.

I don’t question his ideological bona fides; I’d imagine they warm the cockles of conservative hearts. But just…The Guy Himself! He seems SUCH a flaming bag of shit left on our national doorstep…doncha think?¬†

I feel pity for his family. This husband and father revealed to the nation as so flawed a human being. Flawed as a young man…but now a grown man. And clearly, self-evidently, HE IS WHO HE IS!

So Republicans, be prepared to sleep in your political bed…ridden with lice. And you must know it! Many of us believe there are more worthy SCOTUS candidates with far less evident baggage, worthy of consideration. Let us now engage their qualifications. And please! Send this embarrassment back to his overachieved prior posting. And also let the process commence to determine whether or not he is still worthy of even THAT.

Yeah Brett. This process “is just destroying your life.” Dude. Gotta believe, somewhere inside, you’ve been cringing, flinching from this reckoning for all your adult life. I agree. What goes around, comes around.

No.¬† No way.¬† I don‚Äôt care what the pundits say.¬† That footage from his testimony on Thursday will play over and over and over…and it is defining!¬† When he said that ‚ÄúWe have destroyed him‚Ä̂Ķ

Well, he has been destroyed…but hardly by us.  Possibly by his conduct as a younger man; we’ll see.  But most certainly destroyed by his conduct as a witness and nominee for the Supreme Court.  Unless we live in BizarroLand…;)

You just know he wanted to be a cool kid and he wanted to be regarded as a cool kid…by the kids that actually were cool.  Understandable     Experts infer that Dr. Ford’s vocal presentation, her physical manner suggests maturation that was thwarted…probably by a trauma in her younger days.  What of our boy, Brett?  Who did he become under questioning?  Did he not also revert to the values and hubris of a teenage wannabe?  His testimony was theater…and so revealing.

The Supremes know him for a pretender.¬† Especially Thomas.¬† Gotta wonder where his loyalties lie, in this regard.¬† ūüėȬ† But I think, FBI inquiries notwithstanding, Brett stepped on his dick last week.¬† And every Senatorial vote for confirmation must own that Senator‚Äôs ethical surrender.¬† So a lot of political souls are hostage to this candidacy‚Ķand Self Interest generally rules.

Looking forward to next weeks vote.

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