This afternoon I will record the narration for ‘Veterans in America.’ The film is to be shown at the grand opening of the National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Columbus, OH at the end of this month. Also, the film will be used as a starting point for a longer, 4-part documentary miniseries for PBS on the veterans’ experience.

I’m very grateful to be involved in this tribute to America’s veteran community.

Today was exhausting…but for interesting reasons. I’ve done considerable narrative work over the years – over 1000 v/o, several audio books including my own, numerous other documentaries. The nuances of a narrator on this specific project placed my acting instincts, my v/o experience and my personal history in conflict.

Imagine the difference between a traditional news reporter and a news commentator. One strives for objectivity; the other embraces his personal points of view. This text resonated with the veteran and the actor in me. Surrendering to that inclination would be personally satisfying yet professionally off purpose, for this mission.

I am as old as I have ever been; I have less stamina, diminished ability to concentrate for hours on end. Fortunately I had a very savvy and supportive director in NYC on the phone patch. He valued my concerns and my grammatical instincts. I trusted him and together, we recorded a track that is respectful and effective – without Tucker’s own editorial passion for present veteran needs and past inequitable treatment in our society.

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