So, David Katz. Was able to legally purchase at least two handguns in Baltimore, Md along with ammunition. Was legally able to possess both. Was able to travel from Maryland to Florida in possession of two pistols and ammunition (presumably by car, I HOPE he wasn’t allowed to fly in!) Was able to enter the venue in possession of two pistols and ammunition.

His prior history includes documented mental health issues and prescribed anti-depressants. A child from a broken home, described as quiet and a loner. I don’t believe that electronic gaming is the issue here. I’d be shocked if, following a pick up game of flag football or softball, someone went off and began firing at people…but perhaps a chess tournament or a spelling bee or a hold em tournament…yeah, that might make sense to me. Can you appreciate what they have in common? Btw, this video game wasn’t literally a “war game”; it was Madden football, after all.

So I’d be reluctant to accuse gaming as a core cause. Occam’s razor. That so clearly (in retrospect) a young man can legally purchase multiple firearms and ammunition (with a documented history of mental health issues), transport them across state lines and bring them into a public venue; that’s where I’d begin looking to attribute responsibility and opportunity for this most recent atrocity.

As a society we seem willing to forgive such conduct, all in the name of a misunderstood (deliberately) item in our Bill Of Rights. So it goes…and will continue…


Arose at 4 to play nine holes at sunrise before the heat got busy. Driving to Woodley, the sky was glorious! Violets, pinks, grays, golds, blues…hadn’t seen that in years! Off at 6:30, shot an eclectic 43 on Woodley’s back nine. Meaning scruffed shot, BRILLIANT approach. Topped drive, EXQUISITE recovery! Sliced drive, LASER-LIKE pitch. Lousy chip, SINKS a 40 foot snake! Great fun!;)

You know the upside from having made an exorbitant purchase (like my $600 dinner?) All other decisions seem moderate in comparison. Like a Scotty Cameron putter; they cost about $250. I’ve been playing golf since 1958! I have probably 12 putters downstairs, none of which cost more than $100, none of which I use with any confidence. “I’m not good enough to own a Scotty Cameron putter!” Well maybe there’s a reason they cost so much, Tucker. Maybe if you bought one, you’d become a better putter.

And now I guess I will. I mean, in comparison to that gonzo priced dinner, how can I say no?  😉  I’ve committed to a dining experience to commemorate this years ReBirthday. This will easily be the most unique meal I’ve ever enjoyed; a once in a lifetime indulgence. Show your PriceIsRight chops and guess the tab, without going over. Bon appetit! 😉



Course 1
Peruvian Scallop Crudo, Lime, Grapefruit, Cilantro, Fried Oysters
JM Gobillard Brut Champagne

Course 2
Live Maine Lobster, Pommes Puree, Caviar
2013 Val de Mer Grand Cru Chablis

Course 3
Mary’s Duck Breast, Confit Duck Leg, Carrot, Black Truffle, Foie Gras, Lavender
2015 Hundred Acre Kayli Morgan Cabernet Sauvignon

Course 4
Venison, Roasted Pear, Huckleberry, Chanterelle Mushrooms
2013 Hundred Acre Wraith Cabernet Sauvignon

Course 5
Wagyu Ribeye, Confit Weiser Fingerling Potatoes, Black Truffle-Lardo, Charred Onion Chimichurri
2015 Hundred Acre Ark Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Course 6
Peruvian Dark Chocolate, Fresh Thyme
2007 Hundred Acre Fortification

What was your guess?  Was it $650?  If so, you win.  😉