Running Scared

I’m watching “Hannity and Colmes” on FOX last nite and…Whaddaya mean, “Why am I watching FOX News?” You don’t know me. That’s how I roll! “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

So anyway, Sean and Dick Morris are tag-teaming on the latest racial shitstorm regarding McCains TV ad, which features Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton and Obama. Bob Herbert (a journalist I respect) and others are calling it subliminally racist, comparing it to the ‘swift-boating ad’ that led to the recent Senatorial defeat of Harold Ford in Tennessee. (A tarty blonde made the phone symbol and breathily mouthed, “Call me”) Sean and Dick poo-poo their response as overly sensitive; they insist the ad simply compares the vapid celebrity of the two blondes with public adulation of Obama.

(Today Ann Coulter insisted it was insulting, not to Obama but to blondes in general. Oh Ann, you are such a breath of fresh air – like a sunny day in Beijing.)

I call bullshit. The Right and their minions revel in tweaking racist fears in their small minded camp followers, with images that imply sexual subtext between blonde white women and black men – in this case, Obama. I call bullshit because of the totally unrelated footage that appeared throughout this hour-long broadcast. Each time they mentioned Obama, a 15 second clip of him appeared, vigorously mounting the stage, greeting the local political rep with a brief embrace and kiss on the cheek, then proceeding to the mike. The political rep is blonde, female and not unattractive. This footage ran FIVE SEPARATE TIMES. No dialogue, no comment, no follow-up, just Obama in the background, hugging and kissing this blonde, over and over and over.

They know what they’re doing…and so should you. My advice to Obama, from this point on, is to limit himself to a chaste handclasp when greeting any white woman who is not Barbara Bush or older. Not that it’ll make that much difference – they have beaucoup past footage of Obama hugging and kissing star-struck young female political activists who are blonde and eminently do-able.

You know what they say about politics: You can overcome just about anything other than being caught in bed with a dead boy or a live girl. In this case, they don’t need a sex-tape. The good ol’ boys really get their knickers in a twist when they see how downright excited their women get over this charismatic candidate. Obama may aspire to be post racial…but America remains receptive to overt and covert racial propaganda. Rove lives…and Goebbels must be grinning in his grave.

5 August 2008

One thought on “Running Scared

  1. Tucker,
    Living in Chicagoland, the term long time locals like for those of us who hang out in the collar counties around Cook to use so that we don’t grab all the glory, I feel I have gotten to know the presumed Democratic candidate – just love those politically correct terms – a bit better than many. And, after 65 years of being one of the more judgmental people you’ll run across, I call quality. Barack Obama is a quality person, worthy of the trust, support and vote of the American people. Oh, I may or may not vote for him – but he is a worthy candidate. Of that there is little doubt in my mind. The hopes and fears of millions ride with him heading towards November. I just pray some fool with a gun doesn’t screw it up for all of us. The 60’s were not all that long ago.

    With respect to your thoughts on bullshit, having grown up in the Southeast and exposed to a pretty heavy dose of sunshine on my neck during the early years, not hard to see what is going on in the ads, as you have pointed out. Interracial lifestyles are pretty common around here, so long as you have the right credentials/education. If you don’t – a have hanging out with a have not in most any situation – the going can get a bit rough. One of our daughters had an eye for a black football player who was much more than a dumb jock in high school – even played a little pro football after graduating from Stanford – but I hoped, rather selfishly, that it would not go too far. Oh, Dave Garnett was a quality guy; my feeling was that making a go of a relationship is tough enough without starting with the cards stacked in an unfavorable manner. Sorta selfish of me but we are what we are, feel what we feel. This particular daughter, among our five kids, tends towards the idealistic side and can chase a windmill here and there. She went the opposite way in choosing a mate and married a first generation Englishman from pretty traditional stock. For her, probably the best decision.
    Pls. overlook my ramblings; hopefully, it helps a bit to have my frame of reference to work with. We’ve come a long way in this country in black/white relationships, considering where we started. But we surely have a substantial way to go! May God help us all.