So it’s almost midnight last nite and I peer outside and can see the moon clearly in my courtyard. Rather than drive somewhere, I pull out a chair, let BB browse about and begin to do some guitar picking as I watch this uncommon event.

I’m playing really soft mind you, cause it IS almost midnight…but I hear this rustle next door and lights are coming on and my neighbors wife is grinding on him to Do Something…in an Eastern European language. They’re pretty quiet folks and seniors after all, and it is midnight now…but I was picking reaaaally quietly and besides, I’m older than them! Eventually the front door opens and Mitch calls out, “Tucker! Is that you?” Well, yeah, I mean I’m sitting here 10 feet away from you…tho it is kinda dark

“What are you doing?” Mitch, come on outside. “No I can see you fine, you just scared me, that’s all.” No seriously Mitch, COME ON OUT HERE. So he does.

“Ohhhh…” Yeah. Pretty cool, huh? “Thanks. I didn’t know you played guitar. So what do you drink?” Huh? Well, single malt among other things. “Scotch huh? OK. Uhh, Tucker, please don’t play any more. My wife…” Mitch, I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to disturb you, I’ll put it away. And I do.

Another neighbor approaches and Marlene has her binoculars. Hey, good idea, lemme get mine. And I do. Bigger and better now. But it is now beginning to uncover. Marlene is convinced that it will soon be fully eclipsed. I explain to her that happened about 12 minutes ago. “No Tucker, I’m sure! It’s gonna go into full eclipse!” OK Marlene, whatever you say. Nice to see you. I gather up BB and we turn in for the night. I probably need to have my own back yard.

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