Humanity is not evolving as quickly as is human progress.

By that I mean that our scientific evolution has surpassed our humanistic evolution.

We can do more today. We know more. And it would seem that trend will continue.

But human beings remain limited by our fears, prejudices and need to dominate.

I’m not clear just what circumstances might lead to Wider Consciousness.

But I am pretty sure, it ain’t gonna be any new shit we invent.

I could be wrong…but I think unthinkable adversity to survival might effect change.

Do you know what UNTHINKABLE entails?  Really?  I kinda fucking doubt it  😉

Could be climate. Could be pandemic. Could be aliens…

But I don’t think life on earth is gonna change for the better until humanities regard for Humanity undergoes a sea change. Hope I live to see this transition.

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