ANIMALS (hbo) seems made by a millennial Ralph Bakshi. Good stoner material.

“NICE is the mask people wear to hide their inner assholes.”

Tonite I ‘protected’ GIRLS on my dvr. 1st time. This episode so captures the breadth of this series. Their convoluted relationships, frank sexuality, Hanna’s inexplicable confidence to entirely be herself – I think that’s a very courageous choice – and the colors…

And then there’s TOGETHERNESS. Unlike anything else, willing to tear your heart out. It makes me angry and sad and celebratory. I think HBO’s kind of on a roll here.

But let’s face IT, WINTER IS COMING…


  1. Thanks for your sacrifice & continued service, LT. Any chance you could spare 5 minutes for a brief personal one liner to my 24 yr old disabled daughter (CP & ADHD since birth, & all the doctoring, pokes, prods, tests, therapies, surgeries, casts, bullying, ridicule, & lonliness etc. that that entails). Erin Bark (814-386-6790) is now a 6 month resident in Burbank. She survived a rough childhood being raised by a USArmy/MSG /Retired/ Vietnam to Desert Shield Vet who , at 18, grew up as a Drill Sergeant & who is presently suffering from severe PTSD. I notice you share common interests. Reading, Sci-fi, performing from 4 yrs old on thru present day in any capacity, singing, dancing have been her companions, her cherished loves. She grew to an independent, imaginative, adventurous fearless young women who i’ve seen stand between the bully & downtrodden. I want her to know her courage & persistence, her kind heart & values she defends tho they may be unpopular, her determination to pick herself up & trudge on, have me beaming with pride. THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO SERVE, MY DARLING DAUGHTER. YOU’RE MY HERO.

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