I’m reading an article in The American Legion magazine about an SF soldier in Vietnam whose family recovered his decorations, 30 years after his death – 2500 miles away. “During the Vietnam War certain medals included the names of the recipients on the back.”

On a whim I just walked upstairs and looked in a drawer. Sure enough, my name is engraved on the back of my Bronze Star. Very cool. Did you know? Imagine such a discovery, almost 50 years after the fact…

2 thoughts on “WHO KNEW?

  1. Tucker,

    Congratulations to you for your many accomplishments……Thank you for your continuing support of veterans…..This is the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam Vascular Registry……As soon as digitization is completed this summer the hard copy records will go in to the National Archives…..I remember well our exchanges at Walter Reed more than a few years ago….Best wishes to you,


    • Dr. Rich, what an amazing discovery, to find that you have remembered me and bothered to write. I am now 72 and have enjoyed the past 46 years of life and health largely because of your expertise. To simply say Thank You feels quite inadequate. I live with PTSD…but I live with it…and I will for all my time left continue my advocacy. All good things to you, Sir. Tucker Smallwood

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