A breakfast of French toast made with horchata and maple sausages. There’s a reason folks bring food to a wake.

Best and most succinct analysis I’ve heard: The pundits took Rump literally…but not seriously. Rump supporters took him seriously…but not literally.

The tape don’t lie. Smith and Wesson down 4.66. Goldman Sachs up 6.54. You can never react to a roiling market in real time. You either anticipated and planned…or you reap the wind.

We’ve seen what obstruction looks like; it ain’t pretty. Let’s see whether there are new initiatives proposed that we can all get behind.

Pouting is not attractive. You’ll look like a butthole…and you might need someone to hide you. The new American litmus: Would you hide me?

Let’s get our chins up. We’re still Americans.

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