JACKIE is the most personal film I’ve so far watched. I was deeply moved. Not so much by the film itself – tho I thought it was quite fine – but by the time and memories it awakened. I grew up in Washington DC…and I will return someday to Arlington. I was not weeping…but thick tears continued to roll down my cheeks, throughout.

Nov 22, 1963 I was 19 and a student in Germany, accompanying my theater company on a trip to Regensburg. The performance was cancelled at intermission when my father appeared on stage and announced, in German and then English that our president, John F Kennedy had just been assassinated. The several hour bus trip back to Munich with my classmates is perhaps the most forlorn and most distant I’ve ever felt from America. Never so far from home.

I first discovered Natalie in The Professional and she has my heart. I enjoy Greta and am always grateful to encounter John Hurt. For most it will be a historical drama and perhaps a good reason to read more about that time.

A time we called Camelot.

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