And really, who doesn’t love a good challenge, right?  The next twenty four hours promise to test my patience, my will, my resolve…and my sense of self control.  At 6 AM on Friday, I’ll report to West Hills for a colonoscopy, my first in 8 years…but I surely remember past drills.  Today will involve fasting; broth, black coffee, water…

My cleanse has already begun…but shit will get downright medieval around 6 PM tonite.  And oh joy, the gods, in their whimsical way have scheduled for me A MEETING at 2:45 this afternoon.  That’s right.  It’s a bedroom scene with my wife.  You think you sometimes get a little…tense from time to time in front of that camera?  Imagine the stakes when your performance includes all manner of authentic Inner Life.  Gas will not be our friend.

This is not a laughing matter to me.  I am a man of color, I live on red meat and alcohol and spicy foods.  I AM the demographic for which this procedure was invented.  And it’s hardly academic to me, for it was colon cancer that initially challenged my own fathers well-being…so I know my genetic predispositions.

This too will soon pass.  Well hell, pretty much EVERYTHING I’ve recently ingested will soon pass.  Under such conditions, one tends to seek privacy and proximity to my new best friends, the three alabaster thrones in my home.  But first I must sally forth into the outside world.  Good characters often have secrets.  Boy, have I ever got a rich preparation for these scenes.

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