Faith is the antithesis of proof.

We seem as a society inclined to question “official findings” in modern times, regarding any number of historical accounts of past events. Why is that? Is it cynicism from having been lied to (and the lies detected) by our governments? Is it a desire to change or reject the outcome – wishful thinking? Is there intellectual or social cachet in embracing fringe beliefs?

We have numerous religions around the world, pretty much all are based upon described events that strain credulity or rational thought. Add to that more modern belief systems (Scientology, Mormonism, Creationism, etc) whose fundamental tenets are at odds with objective, scientific process. So within humanity exists the willingness to allow cognitive dissonance, conflicting positions to co-exist. We observe this politically, racially, sexually, ethically; it influences economics, justice and social policy.

Freedom of thought, the right to hold any point of view is fundamental to our republic…even if such beliefs scream in the face of logic and reason. So, the release of documents held secret since 1963 will offer ‘proof’ to both sides; those who believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone as well as to those who believe the Kennedy assassination was a conspiracy.

Ditto, 9/11. Ditto, UFO’s. Ditto, Michael Jordon. Oh wait a minute…He actually existed, right?


I’ve lived in my home here since 1994, shortly after the quake. I have abundant room and I am unashamedly sentimental. I’ve begun a process that faces us all, making things easier for those we leave behind.

Today I threw out 150 pounds of scripts, a small forest. I kept a few; meaningful films, memorable plays and those from S:AAB and Trek, which I plan to auction off for my favorite charity, I’m tired, having just relived about 40 years of life.

Discoveries included a handwritten letter from my grandmother, a love note from Stella, a paper trail of searches for military decorations promised and forgotten, my script from PLATOON – didn’t know about that one, did you?  and a treasure trove of love letters I’d assumed had been destroyed and tossed by a jealous fiance, decades ago.

Many of those women are now stardust, once more. But I do know, even apart from such mementos that I have been valued and desired in my life. If I am now alone, it is of my choosing, for I have been fortunate beyond description…who was loved and one that loved not wisely but too well.


I just had a wonderful AHA. You know what that is?

A moment of insight, a peek thru the veil at this time of Samhain.

There are citations missing…unawarded decorations.

I did some dangerous things. I did some brave things.

You know what?

Every single thing that I did in Vietnam was part of my job.

So we’re good.