I found a dozen things to do to avoid reflecting on today’s school shooting.  Listened to the unremarkable, almost trite reactions from survivors today…I mean, do we judge them by their immediacy…or their dispassion?  Network chooses the interviews.

Andy Warhol:  15 minutes.  And so it has come to pass…

Their accounts are authentic…but informed by past survivor interviews.  Sometimes, someone must just break out of the ‘party line’.  Just shriek how very wretched and heartbreaking their passage on this day, truly was.

Maybe we don’t ever get to see that footage(doesn’t fit ‘our’ narrative)

Maybe that doesn’t even happen, anymore.  Maybe somehow school shootings have become like tornadoes.

Don’t like them either…but what can we do?


Flags at half-mast?  You cynical swine.  You’ve made a political decision; that the economic, political support of the NRA is more important to you than the collateral damage of life and education to our children.

Thanks for being so fucking shameless about it.


I’m trying to gather enthusiasm for my realization that I live a life superior in every economic way to 99% of human existence.  Think about that…So long as man has existed, right now in 2018…I am statistically uncommon.

Even today, amid the existence of billionaires and unprecedented global wealth…I’m part of that 1 %.  Now you have to appreciate that the vast majority of mankind – the 99% –  doesn’t have shit.  And they haven’t had shit, throughout world history.

So I’m just saying that, realizing how very singular –relatively speaking – my existence is…it really ain’t all that. It really ain’t.  I mean, we’re all still susceptible to germs and accidents and heartbreaks and dumbass decisions and depression and fraud and the next dumbass decision, so…

All things considered, the child that’s got his own has better odds on surviving this passage in shape for what’s to come…


The fragile calculus of engaging our reality; to what degree is it survivable?  Cell phones may adversely affect our health.  Do you really trust, in today’s regulatory climate, that we’d be informed IF THEY DID?  That I can legitimately question our faith in the EPA, perhaps even the CDC, suggests the magnitude of our peril.

We once trusted the EPA.  Foolishly perhaps…but many of us did.  After Flint and dozens of less celebrated disasters, we know our confidence in such safeguards was misplaced…and now being emasculated; by legislation, court rulings and pernicious agency heads.

Mark Antony tells us that “…the evil that men do, lives after them.”  Perfectly describing the tRump judicial appointments, many of them lifetime.  ATLANTA co-title: “Robbin’ Season”.  This administration is pure “smash and grab”.  Mueller’s reckoning is coming…but ours are cheap street thugs.  Mercifully, their avarice exceeds their capacity for prudence.  They left paper and slime trails, like the slugs they are.  Always be grateful for truly inept and stupid thieves.  😉

Caveat emptor.  And we should!   Because we know human life is no longer valued as much as corporate profits.  Not in the world at large…and unhappily not in America, as well.  Probably it never was…such was always an illusion…but a dream fundamental to the American brand.

Goddamn, I don’t like being treated like a vassal.  Particularly not by those I do not acknowledge as my superiors. Is ours a “Lick ‘em or Join ‘em”  duality?  Are these the only two choices left to us?  If so, I imagine I could somehow inveigle my way into their good graces…but I respect the words of Mance. (GOT)

“We do not kneel.”