Donald Trump does not owe me an apology (nor would I accept it)…but that is the assertion of John McCain. The idea of a hero or heroism has been spread rather thin in recent years due to the wave of public approval for our veterans; now everyone in uniform, everyone that has served is described by many as a hero…and we all know that isn’t so. Being shot down on a bombing run is unfortunate. Surviving years in a POW camp requires incredible will. But no one is diminished by a realistic description of such circumstances…and its not heroism.

I’ll tell you this. McCain was offered his freedom and turned it down…because other men, held even longer, would not be released. In my estimation, that is heroic conduct. Regarding everyone as a war hero trivializes the conduct of a very few, very remarkable veterans.

Trump’s statement is purposefully provocative and representative of this world class shit stirrer, who keeps sucking the air out of the Republican tent. The man is shameless…and it is noxious to have this pompous pissant draftdodger discussing heroism, on any level.