America’s economy is depressed…as are the economies of many other nations. Unemployment stubbornly remains high, both here and abroad. I doubt that Obama or Romney or Bill Gates or Geitner or Buffet or all the kings men can turn this shit around.

Consumers are tapped out, their former piggy bank (property) is now burden rather than mad money. We manufacture comparatively less, we outsource much of what we do manufacture, we are more efficient and use more robots. 401’s and pension funds have been raped by banking corruption, municipalities are declaring bankruptcy to get out of overly ambitious pensions for public employees; pretty much everything that you look at points to more pain, more deprivation, more deterioration.

I dunno where this all leads…but I am not optimistic about a turnaround any time soon. We are broken politically, polarized beyond reason and overt bigotry is becoming more and more acceptable, whether under the guise of religion or politics or economics.

Those lost jobs aren’t coming back. Promising future occupations: Health care. Geriatrics. Death services. Counseling. Social work. Entertainment(?)

I remember looking out of my hotel window while filming in India years ago, noticing perhaps 15 people on their hands and knees, cutting the lush green lawn…with scissors! I smiled, thinking how very inefficient this was. Yet the grass needed frequent trimming and each of these workers would receive some pittance for their food. Perhaps it was a different kind of efficiency. We’re going to need similar “impractical thinking” to muddle thru the immediate future. People are going mad and further subverting the quality of life with their madness.

I offer no solutions. I’m not at all sure there are any solutions…just bandaids and triage. But if we can’t be part of solutions, we can resist adding to the problems.