The horror of close combat creates an ironic paradox. If you haven’t survived it, combat is unimaginable, despite words, images or sound. Those that have endured it do understand…and likely remain troubled by all that knowledge implies. Put another way, it is equally impossible to grasp the personal impact of human sexuality, simply by watching porn.

We will continue to have wars, this I now believe. It is who we are; humanity simultaneously deifies and defiles life. Eventually we all grow old and die but there will always be more young people. Truth is lost, only to be rediscovered by the next generation.

1 thought on “THE TRUTH OF WAR

  1. I just returned from The Sunset Express and can hardly write! You were amazing, as is the play.
    Your thoughts here about war are powerful and I’d like to quote you in the newsletter The Soldiers Project ( sends out to our volunteer mental health therapists who are treated our current veterans/families.

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