I am in a very sweet spot, just now. I’ve been acting for almost 40 years and have enjoyed an amazing ride…but performing in this play is a high water mark; this is a singular experience. I am graced with the elegant and resonant prose of the gifted writer, Cormac McCarthy, themes that strike at the very heart of human existence, a worthy, adversarial co-star in Ron Bottitta and an inspired director at the top of his game, John Perrin Flynn.

We perform SUNSET in ROGUE MACHINE’s second, smaller house, which seats perhaps 40 or so. I feel comfortable in asserting that never again will any audience see such compelling work, illuminated with such power and artistry in comparable intimacy. I’m thrilled for them, I’m thrilled for theater and I’m thrilled for myself. This is the work I was trained to do so long ago, by Sanford Meisner and Stella Adler and work that I now find myself, “in the shank of my life”, so blessed to do.

My most rewarding and affirming character on TV was Commodore Glen Van Ross for Space: Above & Beyond, a FOX sci-fi series in the mid-90’s. It was a unique collaboration that incorporated my own input and combat expertise for the secure, talented creators, Glen Morgan and Jim Wong. I was re-creating myself, my values and standards, 25 years after Vietnam.

My work in SUNSET seems a comparable experience, but this time, it’s for live theater. This work demands every ounce of my concentration, training, talent, endurance. Each night is a marathon, 105 uninterrupted minutes of a fight involving the highest stakes imaginable: His very soul and my own.

This work will be filmed. The film will be shared. But a few hundred people will have been present to see The Work that defines what makes live theater so compelling and enduring.

I’ll enclose 6 reviews that we’ve so far received. I’ve gotten good reviews all my life but have never enjoyed such positive unanimity. (Most of my professional friends agree, they’ve never seen or enjoyed anything comparable;) I think what makes me most proud is that these six reviewers saw at least 4 different performances. We didn’t get lucky one night. We capture lighting in a bottle every night. That is the magic of theater. It’s purpose – to illuminate the Human Condition.

30 Nov 2010

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  1. The Episode “The River of Stars” in Space was one of the best Sci-Fi stories I think I have seen on TV yet. Still can’t get it out of my head. Wish they would bring this series back.

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